“Red, White & Royal Blue” – the Perfect Rom-Com

Red, White & Royal BlueI’ve just watched “Red, White & Royal Blue“, a new enemies-to-lovers gay rom-com on Amazon Prime and I loved it.  It’s based on the best-selling novel (UK link) by Casey McQuiston.  It stars Taylor Zakhar Perez, Nicholas Galitzine and Uma Thurman.

Alex, the son of the American president, encounters Henry, the youngest prince of the UK royal family at a royal wedding.  They have briefly met in the past and hate each other.  The men manage to cause a scandal at the  wedding by getting into an argument that causes them to knock over the wedding cake.  They are ordered to spend time together to fix their mistake. As they get to know each other better they begin to fall for each other.  Their public lives and duties cause various problems for the romance that only become worse as they get closer.

Red, White & Royal Blue” is a thoroughly entertaining film with an excellent cast.  It has witty dialogue, a sexy celebrity romance and interesting lead characters who it’s impossible not to care about.  It’s filled with funny moments from the wedding cake toppling over on top of the two leads to various people walking in on them in the middle of a romantic tryst.  The film also has its more serious moments, where you find out more about what matters to the characters and where everything nearly falls apart.  Ultimately, though, it is a fresh, fun rom-com that will make you feel good.

I’ve just bought the “Red, White & Royal Blue” novel, which has won various best book and best romance awards. I can’t wait to start reading it.

(Find out more about my gay novels here including my own celebrity romance, “A Perfect Role” (UK link).  Alternatively, read some free excerpts from my books or a free story here.)

New Gay Science-Fiction Detective Novel Series

I’m excited to announce that I have the first three books in my new m/m series for release over the next three months.  “No One Likes Humans (Detectives in Space 1)” is available for pre-order now at Amazon for just £0.99/$0.99, with a release date of 21 April and, by the time that’s released, the second book, “Ensnared“,  will also be available for pre-order.

The series will have a slow-burn gay romance that will develop gradually over the first two books but the mysteries will be the main plot, set on various planets and space stations.  So far, in these three books, there is a murder, a kidnapping and a theft to solve, plus a hidden mystery and the Ensnared (Detectives in Space 2)secrets that both the main characters are hiding, so there will be plenty of excitement and intrigue.

Here is the description for the first book:-

He can’t trust the murder suspects he’s investigating, but he thought he could at least trust the people he works with.

Nick Thomson has been having a bad day for the last four years. As part of the Prince Detective Agency he and his sister Poppy frequently risk their lives to solve cases across the galaxy, only to have Captain Prince take all the credit.

Everyone Has Secrets (Detectives in Space 3)Nick ends up stranded alone on an alien planet, in danger of freezing to death, being enslaved by slavers or trodden on by a giant sea monster. When the most handsome man he’s ever seen shows up he’s certain his luck is improving. He’s wrong.

Reese Zail Kintore is smart and resourceful but he has secrets upon secrets and helping Nick is just the first step in a larger plan.

Discover excitement, danger, humour and a touch of romance with the first book in this science-fiction mystery series.

Coexistence Available Now

Coexistence_WebI’m feeling happy and nervous as my first novel is now for sale here (Amazon.com) and here (Amazon.co.uk) at Amazon.  I really hope readers will like it.  A massive thank you to the Pen & I writing group for feedback and advice, to Karen and Jenny for hours of proofreading, to Kanaxa for the beautiful book cover and to my friends and family for all the support.


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