“Red, White & Royal Blue” – the Perfect Rom-Com

Red, White & Royal BlueI’ve just watched “Red, White & Royal Blue“, a new enemies-to-lovers gay rom-com on Amazon Prime and I loved it.  It’s based on the best-selling novel (UK link) by Casey McQuiston.  It stars Taylor Zakhar Perez, Nicholas Galitzine and Uma Thurman.

Alex, the son of the American president, encounters Henry, the youngest prince of the UK royal family at a royal wedding.  They have briefly met in the past and hate each other.  The men manage to cause a scandal at the  wedding by getting into an argument that causes them to knock over the wedding cake.  They are ordered to spend time together to fix their mistake. As they get to know each other better they begin to fall for each other.  Their public lives and duties cause various problems for the romance that only become worse as they get closer.

Red, White & Royal Blue” is a thoroughly entertaining film with an excellent cast.  It has witty dialogue, a sexy celebrity romance and interesting lead characters who it’s impossible not to care about.  It’s filled with funny moments from the wedding cake toppling over on top of the two leads to various people walking in on them in the middle of a romantic tryst.  The film also has its more serious moments, where you find out more about what matters to the characters and where everything nearly falls apart.  Ultimately, though, it is a fresh, fun rom-com that will make you feel good.

I’ve just bought the “Red, White & Royal Blue” novel, which has won various best book and best romance awards. I can’t wait to start reading it.

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