Entwined Souls (Celestial Affairs 1) Book Release

Entwined Souls coverFalian thinks he’s insignificant. He’s about to discover a destiny that will affect the world. He’s about to find a love that will change it.

When Falian refuses to accept a job he has been ordered to take, one that would involve hurting people, he embarks on a momentous journey to change his life. To his shock Quithlade, the Storm God, and Bymbles, a celestial imp, decide to join him.

Falian and Quithlade grow closer, but the Storm God had a previous relationship that will have a profound effect on the tentative feelings Falian is starting to have. Quithlade is irresistible, though, with a clearly undeserved reputation for untrustworthy behaviour that makes no sense. He is kind and affectionate, with extraordinary powers including the ability to shape-shift into various different creatures.

Falian thought he knew everything about the mortal world, but he’s about to discover supernatural creatures he never knew existed and face worse danger than he thought possible.

Deities and mortals aren’t supposed to mix; they certainly aren’t meant to fall in love. Find out if Falian can get a happy ending in the first book in an epic fantasy series with an entire pantheon of deities who just can’t seem to stop getting into trouble.

“The love flowers are two separate plants that grow entwined around each other so that they can each survive in harsher environments than they could do separately.  It’s believed that the flowers will one day be reincarnated into two people whose love will be so profound that they live their lives as entwined souls, giving each other strength and devotion.”

“Entwined Souls” Information

I am releasing my new novel, “Entwined Souls“, tomorrow.  It is an epic fantasy and the first book in a new series, each with a new m/m romance.  The main character in this first book is the mortal human, Falian.  He meets Quithlade, the Storm God, and falls for him, but there are various obstacles in their way.  Many of the characters are hiding secrets at the start of the book.  These create big plot twists when they are revealed.

Falian and Quithlade have companions for their journey across the dragon-blessed lands.  These are Bymbles, who is a celestial imp, Shendolin, a minor deity, and the human warrior, Mil.  They face dangers along the way and there are major problems brewing in the celestial realm, which affect them all.


Novel Excerpt

“What’s happening?” Falian asked Quithlade, who was watching Bymbles dart about and talk to himself amongst a circle of stone monuments a short distance away.

“He’s found mortal imps, but they’re afraid of him.”

“You can see them?”

“Yes.”  Quithlade paused and then stepped closer and reached out his hand towards Falian’s face.  Falian forgot to breathe as a finger lightly touched the skin between his eyebrows.  “Now look.”

He gasped at the glow he could suddenly see all around Quithlade.  It was beautiful.  He had been the most attractive person Falian had ever seen as a mortal, but as a god he was breathtaking.  Quithlade put his thumb under Falian’s chin and turned it so he was looking towards Bymbles.  Falian laughed at the sight of Bymbles – who also had a glow, although it was not as bright as that of the Storm God – and the dozens of tiny glowing beings he was talking to.  “Imps.”

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