About Me

Hi and thanks for visiting my website. I’m Clare Solomon and I have a blog here about gay male/male novels and information about my own m/m novels, as well as Free Reads page with samples from my books, so I very much hope you will enjoy the site and visit again.

I live in the Highlands of Scotland, having started life in Hertfordshire in England and gradually moved further and further north. I always felt like an outsider growing up, the only person in an all-girls secondary school who read and watched science-fiction. When I discovered slash fanfiction I discovered a world where I fitted in and could make some fantastic friends.

I wrote a lot of fanfiction over the years but I’d always wanted to be an author, although I assumed the 2 things would have to be separate. I got nowhere sending my science-fiction and fantasy manuscripts to agents and publishers. In 2016, inspired by amazing m/m writers such as Jordan L Hawk and K J Charles, I decided to take matters into my own hands and start self-publishing. This way I was lucky enough to combine these dreamt up worlds with the gay relationships I love reading and writing about.

I wrote the Human Hybrids trilogy first. It’s a fast-paced gay series set in a unique SF world, an Amazon reviewer describing the first book, “Coexistence”, as “think X-Files, but for shifters”. I now have other series: an urban fantasy series with modern Neanderthals, starting with “The Source of Magic”, my Ascended epic fantasy series, a science-fiction Detectives in Space series and my epic fantasy Celestial Affairs series.  My books tend to have slow-burn low-heat romances and often feature outsiders who have to overcome prejudice and various difficulties in their search for acceptance and love.

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