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“No One Likes Humans (Detectives in Space 1)”

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No One Likes Humans coverHe can’t trust the murder suspects he’s investigating, but he thought he could at least trust the people he works with.

Nick Thomson has been having a bad day for the last four years. As part of the Prince Detective Agency he and his sister Poppy frequently risk their lives to solve cases across the galaxy, only to have Captain Prince take all the credit.

Nick ends up stranded alone on an alien planet, in danger of freezing to death, being enslaved by slavers or trodden on by a giant sea monster. When the most handsome man he’s ever seen shows up he’s certain his luck is improving. He’s wrong.

Reese Zail Kintore is smart and resourceful but he has secrets upon secrets and helping Nick is just the first step in a larger plan.

Discover excitement, danger, humour and a touch of romance with the first book in this science-fiction mystery series.


Readers at Amazon called this “a truly fun blend of mystery and sci-fi” and said “I can’t wait to read more of this series”.

“Ensnared (Detectives in Space 2)”

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Ensnared coverIs time running out for both a missing girl and Reese?

The kidnapping case should be straightforward for the Prince Detective Agency, but it is anything but due to the victim’s father who refuses to pay the ransom and the abductor who seems able to move about invisibly.

In the meantime, just as he and Nick are getting closer, a man from Reese’s past shows up who threatens to reveal everything he has kept hidden and destroy the life he has created aboard The Prince.

Find out what happens in the second thrilling adventure in this science-fiction mystery series.


Amazon readers said that “Ensnared” ‘lives up to the promise of the first book in the series’ and ‘kept me guessing the whole time. If you like sci-fi, mystery and romance, this is the ticket’.

“Everyone Has Secrets (Detectives in Space 3)”

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Everyone Has Secrets coverSome secrets may be deadly…

Reese is happy with his life now that he and Nick have grown closer, but their new relationship will soon be jeopardised by lies and misunderstandings. Reese also has a deadline to solve the murder of Baltid Athens and a crew of people he has grown to care about who are suspects. The occupants of The Prince don’t react well to learning of the covered-up murder, nor to being questioned over it and tensions rise to bursting point, but will the killer strike again before Reese can learn the truth?

In the meantime, the team of galactic detectives have another case given to them. It should be simple to find the thief of valuable company documents on a strictly controlled planet, especially when there are only three suspects. The crime is more complex and sinister than it seems, however, and many lives will be in danger before it’s over.

The secrets of the crew and thieves will soon rip apart more than one life. Find out what will be left in the aftermath in this thrilling third book of the science-fiction mystery series.

“It’s a Jungle Out There (Detectives in Space 4)”

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The detectives face hostility and danger while hunting for a murderer.

Tanya is still unhappy over the outcome of the case into her lover’s death when she receives a request for the detectives to solve the murder of one of the rulers of Gudesfeln, the matriarchal home world of their colleague, Siglinde. Tanya makes it clear to the detectives that they need to solve this case if they want to remain aboard her ship.

Nick’s life has been shattered by recent events and now he not only has to work with Reese again, but he must also get used to Andim, a new detective who soon proves to be unreliable.

The women who run Gudesfeln expect docile, submissive behaviour from men, so being asked questions by the detectives causes fury. The Gudes people do not have individual fingerprints or other DNA that differentiates them from each other and there are no witnesses, making solving the crime seem impossible.

The detectives face one crisis after another, putting their futures aboard the ship and even their lives in jeopardy.

“A Perilous Journey (Ascended 1)”

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A Perilous JourneyShe will do anything to protect those she loves – even risk losing her soul.

Fifteen-year-old Keilena hates the Ascended, the powerful magic-possessors who rule Pellotal and think their own laws don’t apply to them. She lives a quiet life with her carpenter father, enlivening it by getting into mischief whenever she can.

Everything changes when a stranger arrives with a secret about her identity that destroys her current life. Forced to take a journey led by people she can’t trust, Keilena hatches a plot to deceive the most dangerous people in the country by choosing a different destination.

She wants nothing to do with her emerging magical abilities which scare those around her and which she fear might corrupt her soul and turn her evil. Desperate to protect her father and the friends travelling with them, though, she must use them again and again against increasingly deadly enemies. Will Keilena succeed in keeping everyone alive on this deadly journey and will she still recognise herself at the end?

This is the gripping first novel in a Young Adult epic fantasy series and is perfect for fans of Tolkien, Robin Hobb and Bella Forrest.

(Note: This series includes gay characters and only a minor character gay romance.)

“Secrets & Power (Ascended 2)”

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Surrounded by enemies, how will she survive?

Keilena has managed to fight off the Ascended who challenged her on the journey across Pellotal, but now she has reached her uncle’s castle where the danger is even greater. She just wants to stay alive and keep her father and friends safe for long enough to get control over her magic, but letting her get stronger seems to be the last thing anyone at the castle wants.

Lorle Gisorr, her mother’s estranged brother, arrives and Keilena realises both he and Lorle Inson, her other uncle, want some object they believe she possesses.

As she finally discovers why her mother sent her here, she realises just how much danger she and those she cares about are in. Will they all survive to escape from this accursed place and will the Matep, the man she is reluctantly falling for, help or destroy her?

This is the second book of the YA epic fantasy trilogy.

“The Source of Magic (The Other Human Species 1”

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When Elliot Rivers, a Homo Sapiens, becomes friends with Barve, a Nean (Neanderthal) on their first day at university he has no idea of the conflict and fury it will cause among the students and staff, as well as within his family. To make matters more difficult, Barve’s argumentative brother, Farlden, hates Elliot.

Elliot and Farlden both possess the rare gift of magic. The discovery that it becomes stronger when they combine their abilities creates a connection between them and, against their will, it draws them closer together, slowly changing animosity to something far more dangerous.

The Nean brothers are keeping an extraordinary secret, though, one that could shatter their complex relationships with Elliot and change all their lives.


Amazon reviewers said “I love this book and have great expectations for the series” and “Engaging characters and an interesting, original storyline drew me in. I was so into the book that I was caught off guard when the end came, I so wasn’t ready for it to end. I am now in desperate need of the next book in the series.”

“The Nature of Time (The Other Human Species 2)”

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The Nature of Time coverElliot and Farlden work to help the Nean race, but they have enemies all around, plotting against them. As the teenagers enjoy their new romantic relationship and learn about Izients, they visit a whole new reality and their magical abilities grow stronger than ever. The Magic Control Department is watching them, though, and getting closer to discovering the secrets that could get Elliot and Farlden killed.

Forced to go on the run, timing is everything. Will it run out before their magic can save the Nean race? Failure will doom themselves and everyone around them to slavery or death, but the price of success could prove just as deadly.


Amazon reviewers called this sequel “an excellent follow-on to The Source of Magic” and “a fantastic story”.

“A New Reality (The Other Human Species 3)”

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A New Reality coverElliot and Farlden have succeeded in changing reality but for Elliot this new world is a living nightmare. He is the only person who remembers the past timeline, all his previous experiences are meaningless and his boyfriend is dating someone else.

When ghosts start appearing and hurting people it looks as if his magic went horribly wrong and now he must find a way to fix it. He will have to risk not just his sanity but also his life and communicate with Time itself to search for a solution.

Will Elliot and Farlden ever get back the love they have lost and will they find a way to stop the ghosts before it is too late?


Amazon readers called this “an excellent series ender” and said “I recommend this book and series to anyone who likes AU done well.”


Coexistence_WebBook 1 of the Human Hybrids trilogy: “Coexistence”

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Jaspal ‘Pal’ Khatri is nearly killed and forced to leave his werewolf pack in Oxford, England when the local HyCO group leads a mob of anti-hybrid rioters against them.  He travels to the Highlands of Scotland for a fresh start and meets Brand, a werewolf still grieving after the murder of his lover, Kye, a year ago.  He and Brand discover a dead vampire and Pal is suddenly in the nightmare situation of being accused of the murder. There is a link between this death and that of Kye and Brand works for another branch of HyCO so, to prove his innocence, Pal must join the organisation he hates and try to ignore his growing attraction to Brand as they work to uncover the real killer.  Can they solve the case in time or will they become the murderer’s next victims?

Reviews of “Coexistence”

‘Very well written with a good plot and interesting characters’ – Annette Gisby, author of “The Chosen”

Amazon reviewers said “The storyline hooked me from the beginning.  I was unable to put in down and read it in one night” and “If you like action packed fast paced paranormal/romance this is the book for you.

“Blood and Choice”

BloodAndChoice_LargeBook 2 of Human Hybrids trilogy: “Blood and Choice”

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Years ago Liam faced the destruction of his village in Ireland by wendigoes who murdered nearly everyone in his life.  Now, working in Invercade HyCO, the only person he has left is his best friend Tig.  The two of them kill a wendigo who has been living and working in the city for years and begin to unravel a plot by the creatures that could be more dangerous than anything they have experienced so far.

When Tig starts dating someone else Liam realises he is in love with him and their friendship begins to fall apart.  Liam thinks his life can’t get much worse but wendigoes always find a way to prove him wrong and before long both their lives are in mortal danger.

Reviews of “Blood and Choice”

Amazon reviewers said “the story was gripping from beginning to end” and “there’s so many threats and danger around especially with another war on the horizon … Definitely need to get the last book to see how the plot unfolds. Who will survive and who will die? Suspense is killing me…

“Deadly Times”

Book 3 of the Human Hybrids trilogy: “Deadly Times”

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The war with the cannibal wendigoes reaches its explosive climax in the last part of the trilogy.

Theo has a secret agenda when he joins the Invercade HyCO but which side is he working for?  Daelin is suspicious of him but how much of that is due to Theo reminding him of the lover who nearly wrecked his life?

With sabotage from within the group and devastating battles being fought, the HyCO officers must face their worst fears in a war that not everyone will survive.

Reviews of “Deadly Times”

An Amazon reviewer said, “Nice ending to a really good trilogy. I loved this. Every story from the first book to the last was suspenseful and action packed with some really good romance to boot“.

“The Perfect Role”

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Peter is still reeling from the pain of his ex-wife’s affair and their subsequent divorce. As he takes on a new acting job, all he is concerned about is spending as much time as he can with his children. He is certainly not expecting to fall for charismatic actor, Alex, who is twelve years younger than him – not when his friends and family don’t even know that he’s bisexual.

Alex is hiding problems of his own, but this is his first major acting role and he is desperate to do well. His kind, sophisticated co-star, Peter, is a reassuring presence who increasingly captures his heart, but how will their changing relationship affect their job?

With everything to lose and those closest to them against the relationship, will their love survive everything that is trying to rip them apart?


An Amazon reviewer said: “Alex and Peter have many struggles to get through in their search for a happy ending, and there are a couple of characters in this book who are just horrible people. The main couple never waver though. They are good men who are hoping for love. Each is willing to sacrifice a chance at happiness for the good of Peter’s children, and they smile as their hearts break. I just love them both.”