Best M/M Supernatural Book Series

If there’s anything better than having a great book to lose yourself in, it’s having an entire series and the supernatural genre is one that I love.  Here’s a review of my favourites with the important combination of complex, likeable characters, a compelling romance, an interesting supernatural world and a strong plot.

13th hexJordan L Hawk has 3 wonderful paranormal series on the go at the moment with a fourth on the way.  The Whyborne and Griffin books begin with Widdershins which introduces the reader to the main characters.  What I love about them is that they are so three-dimensional, the shy, awkward Whyborne also smart and capable of great bravery while the heroic, adventurous Griffin also has moments of fear and self-doubt.  The stories take place in a Victorian America where magic and strange creatures exist and have fast-paced plots and a spine-chilling atmosphere.   There are 7 books so far.

Jordan L Hawk also has the SPECTR world which has a 6-novella first series, beginning with Hunter of Demons, and has now begun a second series with 2 novellas out so far.  It has a fascinating universe where demons and spirits exist and a scorching romance between paranormal Caleb; Gray, a vampire-like spirit sharing Caleb’s body; and Federal Agent John Starkweather.

Jordan L Hawk’s Spirits series looks as if it will just have the two books, Restless Spirits and Dangerous Spirits, about a psychic, an inventor and a lot of ghosts.  The author also has an introductory novella, The Thirteenth Hex, for her newest Hexworld series, involving a witch and his human shapeshifter familiar, with the first priced book, Hexbreaker, due on 6 May 2016 with a new witch/familiar pairing.

the magpie lordK J Charles has a couple of great supernatural series:  A Charm of Magpies and Rag and Bone, the latter just getting started and set in the same universe where magic exists and can be used to deadly purpose.  The A Charm of Magpies trilogy begins with The Magpie Lord and has an unusual Earl teaming up with a magician to solve the deaths of his father and brother in a compelling AU Victorian England world, the chemistry between the men soon sizzling.  The Rag and Bone series begins with the novella A Queer Trade then has the novel Rag and Bone, both involving a character who accidentally became a warlock and his waste-man lover.

Joanna Chambers’ Somnus series only has one book so far, The Dream Alchemist, but it’s a fascinating idea with people who can enter a different world in their dreams and meet others from the real world who share the same ability.  I’m really hoping for a sequel soon.

Tanya Huff’s Victoria Nelson series isn’t gay – it involves a woman trying to decide between 2 men, a cop and a vampire – but one of the 3 main characters, vampire Henry, is bisexual and through him we meet Tony Foster who gets a spin-off series and a gay romance.  Both series are well written with interesting characters, humour, horror and fast-paced plots, although I did find the central gay romance in the Tony Foster series a bit half-hearted.  The Victoria Nelson series has 5 books, beginning with Blood Price while the Tony Foster trilogy comprises Smoke and Shadows, Smoke and Mirrors and Smoke and Ashes.

once upon a haunted moorFinally, the Tyack and Frayne Mysteries by Harper Fox begin with the novella, Once Upon a Haunted Moor.  It teams a policeman with a clairvoyant in a contemporary Cornish village and has lovable characters, great descriptions and a suitably spooky atmosphere.  The series has 6 books.

I hope this review provides some entertaining reading and would love to hear suggestions from people of other series they love.

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