Romantic Quotes from M/M Books

Here are some romantic quotes from great M/M novels for Valentine’s Day.

‘I felt Ival. Felt his love for me, that didn’t care if I was broken. All the pieces of myself I’d laid at his feet over our years together, all the cracks that still showed where he helped me heal, didn’t matter. He loved me, beyond my ability to understand.’ – “Hoarfrost (Whyborne & Griffin Book 6” by Jordan L. Hawk

‘Andrew kissed him like this was a fight with their lives on the line, like his world stopped and started with Neil’s mouth.’ – “The King’s Men (All For the Game Book 3) by Nora Sakavic

‘Reid was watching him again and, despite the dazzle of light from above, his eyes seemed darker, the brown eclipsing the gold. The look in them washed over Jonah with a heat akin to standing too near a hearth fire’ – “The Only Gold” by Tamara Allen

‘I kissed him, and kissed him again, because I could, because I wanted to, because I was meant for nothing but this, even if nobody else knew it’ – “The Other Guy” by Cary Attwell

‘And there it was. That moment Deacon had been secretly dreaming about since high school. Kissing a boy in the middle of a dance, in a room full of mostly straight people who never needed to worry about making a scene. Deacon didn’t care if anyone was watching. Deacon wasn’t doing this because he was out and proud and didn’t care who knew it. He was doing this because it was Mark, and he loved him’ – “Mark Cooper versus America (Prescott College Book 1)” by Lisa Henry and J. A. Rock

‘He was my safety and my wall, the mirror in whose eyes I somehow looked brave and desirable. If I stayed with Tobin long enough, maybe I could become a man worthy of what he saw in me’ – “Nor Iron Bars a Cage” by Kaje Harper

‘And tomorrow and the day after, there would be a home to go to, even if it was no more than a pair of arms around him and a head tucked close to his in the darkness’ – “Whistling in the Dark” by Tamara Allen

‘He wouldn’t leave. Set against all this common sense was a feeling like roses and gold behind his heart – a firelit sensation of reasonless joy’ – “Once Upon a Haunted Moor (Tyack and Frayne Mysteries Book 1)” by Harper Fox

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