Release of “Deadly Times”

I’m happy to announce that “Deadly Times“, the final novel in the Human Hybrids trilogy, is released today.  This completes the M/M science-fiction/ paranormal series that comprises a guide, 2 free books and the 3 book trilogy:

  • A free Guide to the world, characters and 5 Human Hybrid species – available when you join my e-mail list
  • A Destructive Power” – the free PDF prequel to the series here
  • Coexistence” – novel 1 – on sale for free at Smashwords, Nook and Kobo and for $0.99/£0.99 at Amazon
  • Kye” – companion novel to “Coexistence” that’s free on my e-mail list
  • Blood and Choice” – novel 2
  • Deadly Times” – the final part of the trilogy

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“Deadly Times”

I’m very happy to announce that “Deadly Times“, the final novel in the Human Hybrids trilogy, is now available for pre-order at Amazon, to be released on 23 March.

Novel Description: The war with the cannibal wendigoes reaches its explosive climax in the last part of this nail-biting trilogy.

Scientists have genetically engineered five human hybrid races known as werewolves, vampires, dragons, sensers and wendigoes. The first four races coexist with humans in relative peace. The fifth one wants to slaughter the others.

Theo has a secret agenda when he joins the Invercade HyCO but which side is he working for? Daelin is suspicious of him but how much of that is due to Theo reminding him of the lover who nearly wrecked his life?

With sabotage from within the group and devastating battles being fought, the HyCO officers must face their worst fears in a war that not everyone will survive.

Here are the Amazon links: UK  US  DE  AU  CA

To celebrate the new book, I’ve made “Coexistence: Book 1 of the Human Hybrids Series” free at Kobo, Nook and Smashwords.  I’m working on getting Amazon to set their price to free too.  I also have an interview at Smashwords where I talk about some of my favourite M/M novels and authors here.

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