M/M Book News for December 2019

The Latest News on m/m Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Paranormal Books

New Releases

Storm Boys (Storm Riders 1) by Davis Lavender – Devlin plays a song that summons three gods who used to be enemies.  The men must accept their need for each other to fight an ancient evil.  This is the first book in a gay harem fantasy series.

A King to be Protected (Our King, Our Master 2) by Brea Alepou – This is the second novel in a gay harem fantasy series about a magical group of people who live alongside humans.  Titus struggles to keep control of his people while relying on his keepers to help him.

Loose Ends (Badlands 4) by Morgan Brice – Psychic medium, Simon, and his detective lover, Vic, must cope with dangerous spirits and the threat of someone trying to ruin Simon.

Wren and Oak (The Rowan Harbor Cycle 9) by Sam Burns – The final book in this fantasy series has Fletcher facing the deadly Summer King.

The Hanged Man (The Tarot Sequence 2) by K. D. Edwards – Rune and Brand face increasing danger in the second fantasy novel in this popular series about a modern-day Atlantis.

Demon Heart (Blade and Dust 2) by Rhys Lawless – Wade and Caleb face supernatural attacks in the second novel in this urban fantasy series.

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