M/M Books Based on Fairytales or Original Fairytales

fairytales-pictures01-once-upon-a-dreamOnce Upon a Dream” by Megan Derr is a large compilation of her many fairytales from her website, challenges and anthologies, including beautiful stories such as “Blood in the Water” (based on “The Little Mermaid”) and “Challenge of Quests”.

Fairytales Slashed 1”, “Fairytales Slashed 2”, “Fairytales Slashed 3”, “Fairytales Slashed 4”, “Fairytales Slashed 5” and “Fairytales Slashed 6” by Megan Derr and others is based on various fairytales as well as original ones. The first volume, written entirely by Megan Derr, is my favourite but all the books have some very good stories in them.

fairytales-pictures02-tangleTangle (Edition XY)” anthology edited by Nicole Kimberling is a mixture of fairytale, fantasy and science-fiction. There are 4 very good stories with a fairytale feel to them: “Lord Ronan’s Shoes” and “Remember” by Astrid Amara, “Los Conversos” by Jesse Sandoval and “Fag Hag” by Lawrence Schimel and the book also includes the science-fiction novella, “Feral Machines”, by Ginn Hale, which I love. “Lord Ronan’s Shoes” is an appealing, clever story and “Los Conversos” has a haunting, magical quality. Overall, I really enjoy “Tangle”.

Bedknobs and Beanstalks: Anthology of Gay Erotic Fairy Tales” by E. M. Lynley (Editor) and others – this is erotic with some very explicit sex scenes and has 9 stories based on fairytales, with some very entertaining ones including “Cry Wolf” and “The Merman’s Tail”.

fairytales-pictures02-scarletScarlet and the White Wolf 1: The Pedlar and the Bandit King” series (also includes “Mariner’s Luck”, “The Land of Night” and “The King of Forever”) by Kirby Crow – based on “Little Red Riding Hood”. In a fantasy world a bandit known as the Wolf of Omara becomes intrigued by a handsome pedlar called Scarlet.

Duck!” by Kim Dare – BDSM novel based on “The Ugly Duckling” with a strong slave/master D/s relationship and an interesting shape shifter variant with the avian shifters.